Sunday, March 3, 2013

Remy McSwain, Action Cat!

As usual I'm a little late getting to the blog, but in early January we got a cat! This is a big deal because Anne is allergic to...well, everything.  Certainly anything furry and cuddly.

But we finally decided to look into Siberians - which are naturally low in the protein that people get allergic to. We got on a kitten waiting list here in Auckland and a litter of 5 was born on September 30, 2012.

It wasn't until January that the allergen levels of each kitten was known and since we were first on the list we got to choose the one with the lowest levels in their saliva. This little guy is so low in allergens that Anne doesn't react at all - and now we have a kitty!  He was just over 3 months old when he came to our home and has grown like crazy since then!

We both love cats - me especially - so this is a real treat.  We have named this little gem Remy McSwain, Action Cat.  Cuz he kinda has an action here persona about him and this seemed like a good name for him.

He's mellow, sweet, loves to be held, plays and plays a good part of the day and NAPS a good part of every day, too.  He goes between completely mental and nap-master is no time at all. We love him to death!

Remy (then named Barney) at 5 weeks
As evidence of how smart the little guy is, he has recently figured out how to type and use the computer. So we helped him setup a blog so he could share with the world the awesomeness that is Remy.

So yeah, that's how we we roll.  You should check it out and sign up for updates when he posts them. (There is a "subscribe by email" section on the slide-out menu on the right side of the blog.)

Here's the address:

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