Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jeff in Hong Kong

Last week I joined my friend Ryan for 5 days in Hong Kong.  He went to Shanghai and Hong Kong for an MBA class so meeting him near the end of his Hong Kong leg was a great excuse to see a new part of the world.

In short, Hong Kong pretty much blew me away.  Looking along the harbour at the massive skyline representing the pinnacle of capitalism and commercialism is a sight to behold.  Photos just don't do it justice - it goes on forever!  Throw in the fact that we were there over Chinese New Year and well it was just over the top.

Staying part of the time in Kowloon (peninsula side) and part of the time on Hong Kong Island was a great way to go.  The working class area of Mongkok and it's street markets made for some interesting sights.  The commercial side over on Hong Kong Island along with its VERY interesting neighborhoods and streets and food and well everything is an interesting contrast.

There are a LOT of people, but other than elbowing my way through the crowded street markets I never felt like the city was overcrowded.  But wow there are just so many high rise apartments!  They go on forever.  It's quite clean and the food is very good.  I still suck using chopsticks and I'm sure the locals enjoyed watching me flip a dumpling or two.

We had a great time exploring the city by day and night.  At night the lights of the city are amazing.  The line of skyscrapers on each side of the harbour are dazzling - even more so for Chinese New Year - and they have a laser light show with all the main buildings EVERY NIGHT OF THE YEAR.  Yikes.

It's winter there which means most days are cloudy/hazy and although the temps stay pretty mild it was a wee bit chilly for the last couple of days there.  The clouds/fog/smog/rain diminished some of the views but oh well.  I was still blown away.

I've posted some photos here - enjoy!